Spiritual Life and Leadership Coaching

299635_260623470637572_893725749_nIn spiritual life coaching, you learn how to listen better to the Holy Spirit and to experience genuine transformation in your personal life, work and service to others. Through an in-depth, multi-month relationship with your coach, you will learn sound principles and practices that truly “work” for making desired changes and pursuing treasured goals.

My unique coaching styles combines relevant biblical teaching, intelligent encouragement, spiritual counseling, and leadership consulting in one relationship. Clients can expect to grow deeper in their relationship with God and learn how to let God lead them more fully and fruitfully in every aspect of their lives. Ultimately, spiritual life coaching is designed to strengthen churches, ministries, and organizations, and to further the kingdom of God.

How Spiritual Life Coaching Works

In Spiritual Life Coaching, you, the client, set the agenda, identify the vision, and create the solutions. You will draw on your own creativity and resources, including your relationship with God. As coach, I help you to accomplish three major goals:

  1. Get clarity around your vision(s) and God’s calling on your life,314652_266077940092125_1738930705_n
  2. Identify strategies and actions steps to pursue your visions, and
  3. Clear away the obstacles and fears inhibiting your ability to keep on track with your visions.

More specifically, in the context of a trusted relationship with me, your coach, you will do the following:

  • clarify your own values and priorities
  • develop a highly motivating vision for key aspects of your life
  •  set attainable goals and action steps to pursue your vision
  • create strategies to deal with persistent obstacles that have been distracting or bogging you down
  • increase and focus your energy
  • find adequate support and accountability to persevere in pursuing your vision
  • develop greater skills and experience in Spirit-led living and leading

We begin with an extended Discovery and Design session to help you assess your level of satisfaction in ten major areas of your life, including your relationship with God, vocation, service, giving, church, spouse/significant other, family, friends, and relationship to self. From there, you will choose to focus on your highest priorities, and the work of pursuing your vision for your life and leadership continues in earnest.

Leadership Coaching

217Leadership Coaching complements Spiritual Life Coaching by focusing attention on specific challenges and issues that a leader is addressing. The ultimate goals of leadership coaching are to offer insightful, confidential, and intelligent encouragement to leaders in order to help them to flourish better as leaders, and to foster healthier and more fruitful ministries and organizations.

It’s lonely at the top. One of the hardest things for many leaders is feeling as if they have no one to talk to. Often there is no one with whom they share their deepest fears and concerns. There’s no one with whom they can dream and bounce off their radical ideas without causing a stir among staff, Board members, or other constituents.

It’s also hard to find others who truly understand the full range of feelings and the types of concerns that come from having the buck stop with you. Where do you go to find perspective? Where do you go for support? Where do you go for creative ideas, practical management decisions, wisdom for troubleshooting sticky personnel issues? Where do you go to talk about how you are changing, growing, and envisioning your own future, without risking your authority and ability to lead effectively?

After spending years on the staff of churches of various sizes, as senior pastor of a small church, and executive director of a multi-million dollar nonprofit ministry, I have learned a great deal about effective leadership—some from successes, some from learning from others, and a lot from missteps, failures, and wrong turns. I’ve also developed a great deal of empathy for fellow leaders, who are struggling to make the most of their leadership opportunity. Now that I have turned my attention to full time teaching and coaching, I’m in a unique position to walk with other leaders to help them to fulfill their purpose in life and leadership more effectively.

Commitment and Fees

Coaching can be done over an extended period of time (typically 6 months), or separately on a session by session basis, depending on your needs and priorities. I work on a sliding scale, allowing for discounts for those in full time Christian service. Fees vary depending on the extent of the working relationship and the time involved. Please contact me directly to discuss your particular needs and situation.

Sessions are conducted in person, by phone or Skype.